Project Description

A story inspired by accounts and sources from the time. This animation was produced by HopSkip for BBC Teach as part of a series aimed at 7-11 year olds on the topic of Ancient Egypt. It follows 12-year-old Hussein, a water carrier working at the Howard Carter excavations in the ‘Valley of the Kings’ in 1922.

It tells us of Hussein’s role in discovering the tomb of King Tutankhamun. We hear how Hussein uncovered a stone which was the first of a number of steps leading to the entrance of the tomb. While there is some debate amongst experts as to who exactly discovered the first signs of the tomb in 1922. It is widely agreed that Hussein did play a role and photographs from the time show Hussein wearing a precious necklace that was found in the tomb.

We explore how exciting and important this particular discovery was. Hussein shows us inside the excavated tomb and tells us how it felt to be a part of such a special discovery which found the majority of items and artefacts untouched for 3000 years. We learn about Howard Carter and his team and their dedication and persistence in uncovering this tomb and all its riches. Pupils will gain an understanding of what it felt like to be involved in discovering this important tomb as well as practical information about what they uncovered during their excavation.