HopSkip Studios are proud to be a Female-led production company based in Northern Ireland. We are a small company with big ambitions and specialise in producing inspiring, empowering and educational content for children and young people. HopSkip have made a huge range of programmes for a variety of young audiences but the one thing all our productions have in common is that they give something back to the viewer.

HopSkip Studios was set up in July 2019 by Kate Finn and Aisling Gallagher who have both written, produced and directed a wide range of productions from educational content for the BBC to promotional films and TV broadcasts.

Aisling Gallagher

Managing Director

Aisling has been writing, producing and directing programmes for broadcast and online for more than 15 years, including everything from traditional documentary and current affairs productions to short-form dramas. As HopSkip studios turn its ambitions to international broadcasting and investing Aisling is leading on the development of a Slate of property ideas. Aisling is passionate about producing content that empowers and inspires and works closely with children and young people to create the best possible concepts. She lives by the mantra ‘Don’t Make Something For Us Without Us and is committed to achieving representation for all on-screen.

Before moving into production Aisling trained and worked as a journalist in both print and broadcast media.

If you want to talk to HopSkip about partnerships or co-development opportunities Aisling is the right person to speak to.

Kate Finn

Creative Director

Kate has been writing, producing, directing and editing programmes for more than 15 years of experience spanning educational content, advertising, and short-form online content. As Creative Director Kate is involved in idea generation and development of the suite of products on HopSkip’s slate. She also takes the lead on delivering HopSkip’s current commissions. Kate loves to talk about new ideas and has a passion for producing content that empowers and inspires children and young people. Kate believes that everything she produces should give back to both the contributors on screen as well as the viewers and is inspired by working with children and young people throughout the production process. Before moving into production Kate trained and worked as a graphic designer and editor and worked on a wide range of commercial projects.

If you want to talk to HopSkip Studios about working together to deliver content. From writers, production staff and crew through to on-screen talent Kate is the right person to speak to.