Project Description

This animation was produced by HopSkip for BBC Teach as part of a series aimed at 7-11 year olds on the topic of Ancient Egypt. This animation gives introduces us to the role of Religion and Gods and Goddesses in Ancient Egyptian society. It helps pupils to explore the process of mummification and how pharaohs were believed to become Gods and Goddesses. We explore an artefact to help unearth the story of the past and find out more about how people in lived and what they believed in. The video explains the varying roles that Gods and Goddesses had in Ancient Egyptian society and how each had a distinct purpose; with some of these being more important to the Ancient Egyptians than others. It also explores how the roles of Gods and Goddesses changed over the years. And how the beliefs and feelings of different pharaohs caused some Gods and Goddesses to fall in and out of fashion.