Project Description

This animation was produced by HopSkip for BBC Teach as part of a series aimed at 7-11-year-olds on the topic of Ancient Egypt.

This video gives pupils an understanding of the vital role the River Nile played in the success of Ancient Egypt. It begins by exploring a visual source of a farm scene from Ancient Egypt, highlighting the role of the Shaduf, a tool used to move water from one place to another.

The video centers around the role of the River Nile and how important the river water was in daily life, highlighting the things that went well when the water was plentiful and the disaster that struck when there wasn’t enough water.

Moving through the video, we see the wildlife and resources that came from the River Nile and how these were used in the advancement of Ancient Egyptian civilisation. We learn about how the reeds were used for making a wide variety of essential items including papyrus, the first form of paper. And we hear about the Ancient Egyptian God Hapi who was the God of the River Nile.