Project Description

This animation was produced by HopSkip for BBC Teach as part of a series aimed at 7-11 year olds on the topic of Ancient Egypt.

This video gives pupils an understanding of the pyramids of Ancient Egypt and what we know about how they were built. It helps to unearth some of the mysteries surrounding the pyramids and why they were important to the Ancient Egyptian people.

As the video progresses, we see in more detail, the process of mummification and what exactly went into a pyramid once it was built. We also explore a key source which in this video is the set square and plumb line. This source is a tool that was used to ensure the pyramids were built level and accurately, giving them the strength that has kept many of them standing to this day!

We chart the journey of how pyramid designs evolved over time as building methods and the preferences of the pharaohs changed. The video explains some of the mysteries surrounding the design and building of the pyramids, but reminds pupils that the Ancient Egyptians wanted some of the elements to remain a mystery.